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Il Manifesto

Creative ethos of De Studio Rotterdam

De Studio Rotterdam has the aim to offer professional movement education through an interplay of a broad spectrum of movement disciplines, performing arts and contemporary arts. Through this collaboration between different fields, it is possible to deconstruct the rigid scheme of a discipline in order to open a new vision on the definition of the area itself.

The evolution of a discipline, its development over time, goes through forms of research and experimentation, which can bring out failings, but also rebirth. What is learned through the experience opens new perspectives, which bring richness and originality.

Nothing stays the same over time, neither culture, nor knowledge or identity. Culture is built, and it is built to survive. The strategies and ideas we construct are in a position of constant development, because our state as humans is in continuous change. Being conscious of this process, during the experiences of our life, helps us to see what we were not capable of seeing before. It allows to understand the bigger picture, the larger landscape and the range of existing possibilities.

There is no personal growth without permeability, no progress without risk. The safest place for a ship is in its harbour, but that’s not what ships are built for. Being able to overcome the comfort-zone, by being open to experiences and dealing with unexpected situations, leads to personal elevation and enrichment. Improving the skills we already have, while also allowing to discover new.

By examining and dissecting [Sviscerando] the concept of the elitist position of some disciplines over others, De Studio Rotterdam rejects any hierarchy. It puts on the same level for every form of movement, ranging from sports to arts, using expression as the common denominator through the medium of movement.

Function over form. Culture is structured, but we are its creators. It is not above us, it is part of us, and we have the privilege to find our way to shape it. We can all belong to the same culture, but the way we decide to be a part of it differs for each individual. Our personality, our signature, makes the difference, bringing complexity and progress. So then, if this is so, how can I enrich culture? Humanity? The mixture of influences from different cultures and experiences enhances the quality of perception. First understanding the differences, and secondly to act.

De Studio Rotterdam somehow aims to make you see and provide the tools to act, encouraging yourself to risk, offering challenges and diverse experiences. It believes that ‘What we do’ does not completely define ‘Who we are’, the multiple forms we use to express ourselves are the medium between our essence and the physical context we live in.

This life seems to be a journey of exploring, creating, learning; De Studio Rotterdam opens a space for the intermingling of skills, perspectives, and experiences welcoming various mediums to ignite life force.

– Written by Stefania Macchiafava (Intern at De Studio Rotterdam)

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