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De Studio Rotterdam


De Studio Rotterdam

De Studio Rotterdam is a unique space where various movement disciplines and modern arts meet.

Our passion is for movement in its broadest perspective, ranging from dance to martial arts, gymnastics, performing arts and contemporary arts.

We are building an environment in which physical and mental well-being, together with socio-cultural involvement, are connected through a diverse range of classes, movement practises, artistic events and social gatherings.

The programme of De Studio Rotterdam gets developed in collaboration with local teachers, trainers, artists and performers. Here we provide a meeting place for like-minded people from different backgrounds, movement practises and art forms.

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De Studio Rotterdam welcomes teachers, artists and performers from the city of Rotterdam and The Hague to express themselves.

Teachers invite students into their movement vocabulary through an artistic perspective, whereas artists and performers invite visitors into their artistic vocabulary through a movement perspective.

We form a bridge between sports, movement and arts. Through interdisciplinary collaborations, we blur these boundaries.

The recurring theme of all expositions and performances at De Studio Rotterdam will always be movement – but movement as seen in its totality in forms of expression. We do not limit ourselves to one form of expression, but rather look for the interaction between various movement practises.


De Studio Rotterdam is being supported by ambassadors. These are our members, students, teachers, artists and fans who are enthousiasts of movement and arts. Through small donations and the help of collaborative partners De Studio Rotterdam gets the support to further develop its ambition.

As an ambassador you co-create De Studio Rotterdam and support our ambitious programme.

Become an ambassador, mail to:

De Studio Rotterdam

De Studio Rotterdam is een nieuwe en innovatieve culturele ruimte met activiteiten voor sport, moderne podiumkunsten en sociale interactie.

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